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Selfgrowth4ever gone crazy!

It’s been months since I posted anything at selfgrowth4ever and the reason is very simple. I was n

The combination of EFT and EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing)

EMDR can help PTSD It seems everywhere we turn in our modern world, there is something traumatic, b

What Meditation Has Done For Me?

Meditation - It Just Wasn't For Me! I was 18 and having a hard go of life. Nothing seemed to work o

Be Proud of Your Body

I thought this video was inspiring. Women should feel comfortable in their skin. Living in Brazil fo

Should We Treat Our Boss Differently From Our Co-Workers?

I asked a close friend of mine the other day why he had turned so serious when our boss entered the

EFT for kids

Using EFT for kids An unfortunate side effect of living in the world today is stress, anxiety and d

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self growthGreat! You found the page. This website is designed to help you overcome the problems that get in the way of you achieving your dreams QUICKY. Watch the videos, read the blogs and check out the self-help programs and the cool gizmos and gadgets that are on the market and available to you.

People will always tell you that in your pursuit of happiness and success, you have to be strong, tough and hard working. You should never give up, always have faith and believe in yourself and things will work out. Just believe and think positive. It’s not that it’s bad advice it’s just not great advice. Let’s be honest, if it was great advice there would be an awful amount of happy, successful people walking around.

That is why I wrote a book and built this site. I want to give you GREAT advice and I want to help you achieve everything you want in your life now. You don’t have to wait years and years to live the life you dream of, nor should you wait for retirement to start enjoying the life style you desire.

My book and this site are dedicated to you achieving and attaining the strength, faith, belief,  self-confidence, wisdom, work ethic and that “magical touch” in yourself more quickly than you ever imagined.

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Fast Track Your Success

This is a simultaneous 3-step formula. It is very simple and extremely powerful. Thanks to science, research and the inter-net, it is now possible to grow and achieve anything you want in record time.

  • Business partnership and teamwork
    Reprogram Your Mind

    Our minds hold a lot of “junk”. Over time our heads get filled with fears and negative self-beliefs that cause resistance in our lives. This causes procrastination or not taking any action to followRead More...

  • young African American man at the beach
    Relax your mind

    Stress will kill everything from creativity and energy to killing you. Learning how to relax is a key factor to your success. How do you relax? Here’s a word that makes most people “shudder”, it’sRead More...

  • Schlüssel zum Erfolg
    Coaching Programs

    It is also a very good idea to get some coaching. Thankfully you can get great programs that used to cost thousands of dollars but due to the inter-net, now cost a fraction of the price. These programsRead More...

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